Learning to Work (5 locations)

Power Academy (6 locations)


GRIOT (Global Rhythms in Our Tribe)

GRIOT is a collaboration between the New York City Mission Society and the Afro-Latin Jazz Alliance— to provide FREE musical instruction with academic enrichment.

Rooted in the global rhythms of the African Diaspora, GRIOT will be taught by award winning musicians and is for youth in grades 6 through 12. Participants will learn foundational musical concepts, proficiency and skill on the trombone, trumpet, drums/percussion, reinforcement of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) skills and have the opportunity to perform in solo and ensemble performances.

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Learning to Work: Positioning Older High School Students for Academic and Career Success

New York City Department of Education transfer schools offer older, under-credited high school students the last chance they have to graduate from high school. New York City Mission Society’s Learning to Work (LTW) programs at four of these transfer schools in Manhattan and Brooklyn support these students in their studies and prepare them for success in college and the work world. The programs provide four main services: 1) student support, including counseling, workshops, tutoring, and cultural activities; 2) college guidance and preparation; 3) job skills development and career exploration; and 4) supported internships. The programs serve 750 students this year, 250 of whom are in paid internships.

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The Power Academy: Supporting Academic Excellence and Youth Development for Elementary and Middle School Students

At four elementary schools in Manhattan and the Bronx, at the Minisink Beacon Community Center in Central Harlem, and at nearby Bradhurst Housing Development,  the Power Academy provides academic support and a range of enrichment activities after school, during the summer, and on school holidays. With a curriculum focused on academic enrichment (including STEM—science, technology, engineering and math), community service, cultural enrichment, the arts, recreation, and character education, the Power Academy reinforces school-day learning in a safe and healthy environment. The Minisink Beacon site provides a range of programs and services for students and the surrounding community. This year, 740 students are participating at our three elementary school sites and 900 at Minisink Beacon.


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