Our Programs Work

Each year, New York City Mission Society reaches thousands of children, young people, and adults in Harlem, the Lower East Side, the Bronx, and Brooklyn with services that help them create a brighter future

Number of Program Participants Served: 5,470
Number of People Who Attended Community Events: 1,907


  • 79% of children who participated in our after school programs had maintained or improved on homework assessment.
  • 70% showed improvement in fitness and health.
  • 274 students participated in internships at 92 work sites, generating $391,400 of earned income.
  • 100% of graduates in our Learning to Work program applied to college, 84% were admitted to college.
  • 93% of parents in our Beacon Preventive program to strengthen families say staff helped them improve as a parent.
  • 100% success rate in preventing teen pregnancy in Club Real Deal
  • 100 % of Club Real Deal participants opened savings accounts
  • 90% of participants surveyed report the Club Real Deal program helps them make better decisions about sex and their bodies.
  • 0 new convictions for Harlem Justice Scholars active participants
  • 100% of Harlem Justice Scholars participants are engaged in furthering their education
  • 94% of program participants say they would recommend NYC Mission Society to friends and family.